Jaqueline Roversi.

DRT: 36.200/RJ

Jaqueline Roversi graduated from Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras (CAL) in 2005. In 2007 she joined the company Enviezada and travelled to Curitiba (including Curitiba Theatre Festival) and Mogi das Cruzes, in the vicinity of Sao Paulo, presenting Strindberg’s “The Dream”. In 2008 she established a partnership with Antonio Guedes, director of the Theatre Pequeno Gesto, winner of the Shell Special Category Award for their play about Nelson Rodrigues staged during its 100-year anniversary. In 2009, while still working for Enviezada, Jaqueline launches her own theater company with sponsorship from FIRJAN where she writes, directs, and acts. In four years of partnership, she produced two plays circulated in the SESI Cultural circuit and participated in musicals staged by the Teatro das Artes and the Teatro Tom Jobim Rio de Janeiro. Currently, she writes pieces for TV projects and is enrolled in ballroom dancing and singing lessons with Professor Maira Lautert. Until 2013, she used Jackie Netzach as her stage name. 


Documentary "Quando Éramos Virgens"  ("When We were Virgins") Director: Rosane Svartman -Raccord Productions 

Short film "Coisa Pra Ser Guardada" ("Something To Be Saved”) Director: Leonardo Silveira 

Short film "Paisagem Interior"  ("Interior Landscape") Director: Leonardo Luiz Ferreira



Ballroom Dancing 





"João Ternura" ("John Tenderness") Director: Marcus Alvisi 

"O Sonho" ("The Dream") Director: Alex Ze 

"Quando as Máquinas Param" ("When the Machines Stop") Directed by Antonio Guedes 

"A Serpente" ("The Snake") Director: Antonio Guedes 

"AntígonaCreonte" (“Antigone Creon”) Directed by Antonio Guedes 

"Um Chorinho Pra Dona Baratinha"  ("A Chorinho for Dona Baratinha") Director: Gabriel Cortez



Series "Malhação" ("Workout") Director: Roberto Vaz participation. 

Soap Opera "Cama de Gato" ("Cat Bed") Director: Amora Mautner, participation. 

Soap Opera "Guerra dos Sexos" ("War of the Sexes") Director: Jorge Fernando, participation. 

Pilot series "Cora no Mundo dos Esportes"  ("Cora in the World of Sports”) Director: Hamsa Wood, lead. 

Outdoor "Parada Iluminada"  ("Lit Parade"), the cat.

TV & Advertising
Formation & workshops

CAL - Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras - Vocational 

UFRJ - Bachelor of Performing Arts 

Théatre Du Soleil - Balinese Masks 

Jandiz Road NBC NY - Interpretation for TV

Centro Musical Antonio Adolfo - Voice 

Casa de Dança Carlinhos de Jesus - Ballroom Dancing Training